Environmental Law

The Firm is engaged in the field of environmental law. Environmental law practice is a major component in the resources, infrastructure and manufacturing industries. Sustainable development has become a byword as government and industry have required environmental clearance certificates to be obtained before major projects are undertaken. Environment due diligence, audits and reporting are now important parts of business processes. The system of environment regulation has evolved from the command and control regime to incentive-based approach as such as taxes, abatement subsidies, and tradable pollution allowances.

Law and practice have branched off to related disciplines such as indigenous peoples’ rights, community organizing and capacity building, resettlement, community-based resource management, and development and implementation of land access agreements. International protocols, government regulations, environmental pressure groups and increased consumer sensitivity have all transformed environmental issues into a fundamental business consideration.

The Firm aims to become one of the top legal consulting firms in environmental law with an exceptional performance record with industry, financial institutions and government agencies. As very few firms are involved in this highly specialized practice, clients have very few alternatives and delivery time is often compromised. Furthermore, the quality of the advice is limited as technical and business components are often not taken into consideration. Our Firm’s practice group will utilize a holistic approach in environmental and resources law practice with strong emphasis in technology and business applications.

The Firm can advise on:

  • Environmental Management Systems
    • EIA preparation
    • waste minimization and pollution control legal requirements
    • community environmental consultations and social acceptability
    • environmental law audits
    • environmental due diligence on acquisitions
    • environmental litigation
    • environmental legislation and administrative regulation advocacy
  • Land Use and Title
    • land tenure, conversion, and clearance issues
    • agrarian reform
    • legal and policy issues of indigenous people’s land rights
    • petroleum and mineral exploration and development contracts
    • surface rights and land access agreements
    • resettlement, relocation, and right of way
  • Project Finance
    • security over exploration and development tenure
    • effect and security of farm-in and joint venture arrangements
    • project finance due diligence
    • definitive (bankable) feasibility studies
  • Project Establishment and Operations
    • third party access principles
    • consortium, participation, joint venture and tolling arrangements
    • industry and project specific legislative and regulatory regimes
    • operation and maintenance, technology transfer, supply, and transportation arrangements
    • renewable energy projects
    • mainstream energy markets
    • infrastructure development

The Firm offers legal advice on the basis of environmental management systems as a business solution and presents both financial and operational opportunities for business. In the past, the Firm was commissioned by the United Nations Development Program to be part of a working group that will codify Philippine environmental legislation.