The Firm is traditionally strong in its litigation practice. Aside from the usual criminal and civil law litigation, our litigators have a wealth of experience in administrative and election laws. Our lawyers have an outstanding track record in the resolution of commercial disputes in major industries. We also have a high-caliber team who will be able to assist clients in alternative dispute resolutions.

However, before we recommend legal action, we always encourage our clients to go into negotiation, mediation or arbitration having in mind their best interests in the conflict resolution process. If litigation is inevitable, we assist the clients in claim analysis and appraisal.

The Firm provides services on:

  • criminal litigation
  • civil litigation
  • family and relationship matters
  • administrative and quasi-judicial litigation
  • election-related issues
  • Ombudsman and Sandiganbayan litigation
  • appellate practice
  • commercial disputes
  • alternative dispute resolution
  • arbitration
  • immigration and naturalization

The litigation group also assists our commercial group in the drafting of contract provisions relating to dispute avoidance and management. It also complements our tax, corporate and commercial, intellectual property, labor, and environment practice.