Our Practice Areas

Government Affairs and Policy

Backed by years of productive experiences working for the government and the public sector, our lawyers have established and maintained strong relationships with important decision-makers which enables the Firm to effectively assist clients in their relations with the national government, legislative bodies, local government units, and other administrative agencies and help them navigate the complex legislative and administrative maze and ensure compliance with the latest regulatory issuances. 

The Firm advises and develops strategies for clients to take a proactive role in policy development. We conduct and prepare policy research and monitor legislative and political trends. We draft and prepare position papers for interest groups for presentation to relevant government bodies and analyze new legislation and policies and present honest and practical evaluations of their impact to clients and stakeholders. We represent clients in congressional sessions, administrative hearings and public consultations, and advocate and intervene on their behalf in any governmental body charged with policy formulation.

With over 30 years of experience in various cases