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Manalo Law is founded on excellence, sharpened by experience, and recognized for integrity and hard work. We deliver exceptional legal services through authentic engagements and  groundbreaking solutions that help our clients stay ahead of the ever-changing world.

Our Practice Areas

Corporate Services and Special Projects

The Firm provides counsel and strategic advice in all aspects of creating, establishing, maintaining, organizing, and capitalizing businesses.


We engage in excellent representation and unparalleled advocacy in every forum involving issues and disputes of varying degrees of complexity and nature.


We assist in obtaining visas and other clearances necessary to gain entry into the country and/or establish business operations and foreign investment in the Philippines.

Real Estate and Land Acquisition

We deliver innovative and creative solutions to sophisticated real estate issues, and counsel clients on land acquisition, development, and financing.


We represent clients in all matters involving labor laws including dispute settlement and negotiations, and advise them on basic labor standards and procedures.

Government Affairs and Policy

The Firm helps clients navigate the complex governmental maze and develops strategies for them to take a proactive role in policy development.

Taxation and Estate Planning

The Firm provides tax and estate planning services for clients to better manage their taxes and expand and protect their assets.

Intellectual Property Registration

The Firm handles all types of intellectual property registration, such as patent, copyright, and trademark.


Jesulito A. Manalo

Founding Partner

Augusto M. Perez, Jr.

Senior Partner

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